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There’s no bigger story in the news right now than net neutrality. As it goes with issues that are this emotionally charged, there’s a myriad of opinions on the topic and countless people more than willing to share them.

However, the only thing that is certain right now is that this issue is far from settled. There is a multi-state lawsuit being filed and a congressional battle yet to be waged.


Still, many Americans have legitimate fears about what the big telecom and media companies like Mediacom, Frontier, Century Link, and Cable One have in mind for the future of the internet and their ability to access the sites upon which they’ve come to rely.


Many big companies have talked of throttling speeds and impeding access to certain sites. Some have talked of creating a tiered internet in which consumers have to pay extra for access to certain kinds of sites and media or limiting how much can be streamed from certain services in an attempt to drive consumers to their own streaming services or ones with which they’ve partnered.


Whatever happens in congress or the courts, SpeedConnect is committed to the principles of an open and free internet. We have no intention of restricting our customers’ access to the internet in any way, and we’ll do everything in our power to continue to do what’s right for the people and communities we serve because the internet has become far more than a mere luxury. For the vast majority of Americans, it’s an indispensable utility that allows them to do the work and receive the education that is so vital to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Moreover, what gets missed in the popular press is that these are extremely complex and diverse networks, and without careful balance and management, they would run completely out of control, compromising services and reliability for all their users.  Good network management means striking and maintaining a proper balance between all users and their needs.  This is not driven by favoritism or profits from it, but rather just plain good engineering practices. If regulations that upset that careful balance are struck in ignorance, then the reliability of the worldwide networks, possibly one of our society’s most valuables assets, can be put at risk.


SpeedConnect is proud to connect you to the people, ideas, and resources that put the endless possibilities of the American dream within your reach, and we don’t intend to stop.


Founder and CEO John Ogren is the founder and managing partner of SpeedConnect. After a successful career in the cable television industry, Mr. Ogren and his business partner Robert Liggett, Jr. purchased the rights to the 2.5GHz spectrum in Alpena, Michigan and began offering wireless broadband service in Northern Michigan. Subsequent spectrum acquisitions have led to successful expansion in seven states: Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Texas. Mr. Ogren earned a BA in Telecommunications, and an MBA from Michigan State University. Email John

John Ogren

Founder and CEO


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