Policies & Procedures


1. Billing Cycles

TPT SpeedConnect bills for regular monthly services on a calendar month basis, (the 1st through the end of month). Billing occurs on the 21st of each month for the coming month.

2. Payments

Payments for services are due on the 10th day of each month, unless automatic payment is elected. Automatic payments are processed on the 1st of the month (some legacy customer’s payments are processed on the 15th and/or the 25th). To be considered on time, all payments must be processed by 11:59PM EST on the 10th of each month. Payments can be made 24/7 in the TPT SpeedConnect Portal.

3. Billing Methods and Fees

TPT SpeedConnect offers email invoicing and paper invoicing. Fees for each method are as follows:

  • Email Invoicing – Free
  • Paper Invoicing via USPS – $2.00/month

TPT SpeedConnect offers several payment methods. Those methods and the associated fees are as follows:

  • ACH Automatic Payment – Free
  • Credit/Debit Card Automatic Payment – $1.50/month
  • Online Payment (Using the TPT SpeedConnect Portal) – Free (regardless of method)
  • Telephone – $5.00 to make a payment over the phone.

4. Late Fees

Customers are assessed a late fee of $15.00 for any outstanding invoices. Any payment received after the due date is considered late and is subject to late fees at TPT SpeedConnect discretion. To avoid late fees, payments can be made 24/7 in the TPT SpeedConnect Portal, and must be made by 11:59PM EST on the 10th of each month.

5. Non-Payment

Customer accounts with a past due balance are subject to cancellation at TPT SpeedConnect discretion. Without payment of the full past-due balance and other applicable charges, TPT SpeedConnect may schedule a technician to recover equipment owned by TPT SpeedConnect from the customer. Upon disconnect, the customer will be charged for any unrecovered TPT SpeedConnect equipment and early termination fees, when applicable. Unpaid balances will be sent to a third-party collection agency and may be reported to credit bureaus.

6. Service/Payment Terms

Services are subscription based, and once billed will remain active until the end of the billing term. Payments are non-refundable, and there are no credits for partially unused service periods. TPT SpeedConnect may offer additional/modified/promotional pricing terms on a case-by-case basis. These modified terms will be listed on signed contracts attached to customer accounts. Accounts without active/signed TPT SpeedConnect contracts are considered month-to-month and are subject to standard billing policies. Previous contracts from entities prior to TPT SpeedConnect may no longer be valid. Bounced/Returned payments made by Paper Check, eCheck, or other Bank Account transaction, regardless of the reason for rejection, are assessed a $25 Returned Payment Fee.

7. Unreturned Equipment

If TPT SpeedConnect is unable to recover any TPT SpeedConnect-owned equipment when a customer cancels service, is disconnected for non-payment, or for any other reason, the customer will be billed for all such equipment and collection efforts.

8. Fees

  • Late Fees: $15.00
  • Reconnection Fee: $50.00
  • Telephone Payment Fee: $5.00
  • Early Termination Fee: $150.00, or $15 per month remaining of your contract terms, whichever is less.
  • Transfer of Service: $50.00
  • Service Call Fee: $50.00
  • Returned Payment Fee: $25.00
  • Data Usage (Certain Plans): $3/GB
  • Unrecovered Equipment Charges will vary depending on type of equipment at location.
  • Prepayment for first month (and install fee if applicable) required to schedule installation.
  • Customers that receive any type of credit/bill adjustment (service, data, or otherwise) will be responsible for reimbursement of the full amount of the credit if service is cancelled within six months from the date that the credit was issued, subject to TPT SpeedConnect discretion, and will be re-applied to the final invoice.

9. Data Usage

Customers on usage based Internet Service plans are billed based on monthly billing cycle dates, rather than calendar months, and are also billed in arrears. Data usage is calculated from the 21st to the 21st of each month (the date new bills are generated), and is then added for the bill cycle that has just ended. Example: On February 21st bills are generated for service period March 1st to March 31st, but data usage will be added for the period between January 21st to February 21st. Data usage over plan limits is billed at $3 per GB.

10. Billing Disputes

Customer must contact TPT SpeedConnect by phone within sixty (60) days of any disputed charges, requests for review, or any other type of billing modification (contract adjustment, outage credit, etc.) to receive any credit that may be due. Customer must have and present a reasonable basis for disputing any amount charged. All billing modifications are at TPT SpeedConnect discretion.

11. Cancellation

Our services do not prorate and remain active for the entire billing period. Billing runs on the 21st of every month for the coming month. Any cancellation taken before the 21st will be effective at the end of the current calendar month. Cancellations on or after the 21st are effective at the end of the following calendar month, as billing has already been processed for the coming month. Services remain active until the end of the billed period when the cancellation request is made. All cancellations must be made over the phone by the registered account holder for security reasons. TPT SpeedConnect does not accept cancellations through email, text, or any other method.